Detroit has a dilemma

Published: March 28th, 2007
By NFL_Czar's Blog

We have bounced around a lot of scenarios for the Raiders, but what if Al Davis simply picks LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell and leaves Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson on the board for the Lions. Detroit really can't trade that pick with Cleveland, Tampa Bay or Arizona. None of those teams would be willing to give up anything extra for Johnson, knowing full well that Millen will never draft another receiver that high in the draft.

Millen could be stuck, especially if Washington trades its sixth overall pick to Chicago for unsigned linebacker Lance Briggs.

Drew Rosenhaus, Briggs' agent, said Wednesday that Bears GM Jerry Angelo is too smart to pass up such a trade. "It's more than he ever thought he could get for Briggs," Rosenhaus said.

Millen's lone hope is that Washington doesn't make that trade with Chicago. How's that? Well, if they keep the choice, the Redskins definitely would be in the market to deal with Detroit for the chance to draft Johnson. At the sixth spot, Detroit still might be able to pick Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas.

Two teams told me Wednesday that if the Lions remain at No. 2 in the draft, they will pass on the quarterbacks in this draft and take Clemson pass rusher Gaines Adams, who fits what head coach Rod Marinelli wants to do with his defense. Adams could be the next Simeon Rice, a player Marinelli coached in Tampa Bay.