Balls remain unwashed

Published: February 11th, 2007
By weblog

So, another year, another time I get to post Ski's concession to me for his loss on our Super Bowl wager. And another year he does so with blatant disregard for the spirit of the bet. Ski, author of the highly read and always compelling BestB Bucs Blog template and the only slightly more frequently updated Best Bucs Blog has a bright future in politics ahead of him. That way he could blend right in with all the other white guys who promise the moon but then deliver green cheese.

Here's last year's entry, which at the time I called sarcastic. Here's this year's, which I present to you without spelling corrections.

I stand before you humbled and humiliated...again. But before I get to the multitude of reasons Scott is awesome (and there are many) I will share with you a short list of other people who picked the Cotls to win the Super Bowl. Pete Prisco and Clark Judge of, Football Outsiders, 49 states, Little Ronnie, everyone at Sports Illustrated and Lovie Smith. That's some pretty exclusive company.

So here are a few of the reasons Scott is so awesome:

1.) Correctly predicted why your 13 favorite teams would lose to the Bucs in 2006.
2.) Thinks Michael Pittman is better than Cadillac.
3.) Preferred New Coke to regular Coke.
4.) Believed Mario Williams should have been the #1 overall pick.
5.) Already knows who will win next years Super Bowl.
6.) Can throw 90 yard passes....with his mind.

Anyway, congrats to Scott on his ridiculously awesome prognosticating skills. I would list more reasons why Scott is super awesome but I'm still on the run from the Freemason so I have to get going. Did I mention Scott is awesome?

See that? And for the record, Lovie didn't say the Colts would win. He said to take the points. Totally different.

In the process of congratulating me, he makes a point to remind us that I did, in fact, give many reasons why 13 other teams would lose to the Bucs. It was for a different blog. I was young and didn't know any better at the time. Who could have predicted that every one of the Bucs starters would be replaced by sock puppets? As for the other points:

2) If I had to field a team to play today, I would take Pittman. For the long haul, Cadillac. Ask me again next season.
3) I drink Pepsi, bitch.
4) I actually thought Marques Colston should have been the first pick.
5) Next year's Super Bowl winner: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! And I'll give you many reasons why...
6) Just like Kyle Boller, only with 50% less douchiness.
7) Either periods or parens. Not both. Where did you go to school?

So, Ski, I will accept your meager concession since, judging by how often you update your blog, it's all I should expect to get at least until the draft. The 2008 draft. It takes a big man to be bitter and contemptuous in the face of defeat, and I give you credit for that.

So, what say double or nothing? Care to make any real predictions on the Bucs' first round pick? Not who it should be, but who it will actually be. Your move.