Middleton Leaves For Alabama

Published: January 13th, 2007
By Buccaneer Harbour
The Bucs lose another offensive coach, Ron Middleton, who is bolting to be with Saban and the Tide. He was a solid TE's coach, but I have a feeling that the Bucs encouraged him to seek other opportunities as, if I remember correctly, he was still under contract with the Bucs.

In any case, the changes continue. To be honest, I think that the only coach that is safe on the offense is the running backs coach, Art Valero, as he can also coach the Tight Ends. Middleton was a solid coach, but I think Gruden may have wanted to see better development of Smith.

In any case, the changes aren't over yet, especially with Hackett being a likely candidate for the Green Bay OC job. Stay tuned.