Bucs Win 22-7

Published: December 25th, 2006
By Buccaneer Harbour
Well, that was a solid win for the Bucs who showed that they had the better talent than the Browns. Once again the offense was able to move the ball up and down the field with Rattay at QB, though they struggled again to punch the ball into the endzone. But 3 field goals and a TD was all they really needed, as the Browns offense was incapable of scoring on the Bucs, though one opportunity was lost due to a blocked field goal.

This game could have been a major blow out if not for two turnovers (one on downs) inside the 10 yard line. That was another 6 -14 points that were left off the board. The Bucs' offense racked up 355 yards while the Browns were held to a paltry 187. It's becoming increasingly clear that Bruce was the prime factor in the inability of the offense to score. The defense was on a turnover tear, picking off 4 passes, including 2 by Phillips and one by Brooks that was returned for a TD (his 8th career TD return). Buchanon continues to pick off passes, nabbing one, and nearly hauling in another that just barely touched the ground when he came down. That's 2 picks and 4 passes defensed in just the past 3 games. I have a feeling the Bucs may want to sign him to a couple year deal to let him stick around and continue to improve.

Special Teams were solid in the coverage areas again. Returns continue to be so-so, and the kicking game got off to a rough start with an off-sides followed by a kick out of bounds. They later allowed a blocked extra point, though they did also block a field goal.

Overall, it was a good game to watch for Bucs fans, unless you really wanted them to lose for draft positioning. The Bucs are likely to pick between 3 and 6 in the draft, but no later, I'm thinking they'll end up picking either 4th or 5th. Nevertheless, I hate to see them lose and they went out and dominated a lesser opponent for most of the game.